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Mainly for the installation of underground utility pipes, ducts or cables in a straight or curved line without damaging the surface layers.


HDD is a trenchless form of drilling that is faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly.


Butt fusion welding is a thermo process of jointing HDPE or PP products to form a homogeneous fusion. 


The resultant joint is resistant to end thrust and performance under pressure is comparable to the pipe.


The operators are well trained with a combined 50 years drilling experience. JDM Drilling constantly strives to deliver a high standard in our services of Trenchless Technology, specialising in Big Bore pipelines (i.e. Sewer, Water and Storm Water provided) combined with Optic Fibre and Electrical sleeving.

JDM Butt and Fushion Welding division is one of the only companies that do this specialized services in the Eastern and Southern Cape, Free State and Transkei.

JDM Drilling’s projects in South Africa started in 2006 with extensive prior experience in the USA since 1997. The Head office is situated in Jeffreys Bay, although with substations in the Western Cape, Free State and Transkei, services can be done throughout the country. 


  • JDM strives to be a reputed company with high standards when it comes to work relations.

  • Our Company aim to be diligent and punctual. 

  • We combine our energy for work with our passion for life.

  • We give our clients solutions that add value to their operation and that give them a competitive edge.


  • JDM Drilling provides integrated solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practice and recognized industry standards.

  • We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, excellent service and professional integrity.

  • Through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry we add value to our service.

  • We strive to build long term relations with our customers that are mutually beneficial.

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